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Coastal Vacation Resorts, The Town of Oak Island, and Oak Island Water Rescue strongly encourages all visitors and residents to strictly adhere to the newly implemented BEACH WARNING FLAG SYSTEM. The ocean is a natural wonder, accidents can happen, and it can pose potential risks, so please consider these risks because Oak Island does not have active on duty lifeguards.

All 65 beach access locations on the island have been equipped with Water Safety Stations. You will see these two informational and useful components at each one. 

  1. Beach Warning Flag & Instructional Sign
  2. Rescue Tube Personal Flotation Device

Visit the Town of Oak Island's Beach Warning Flag Status page for current condition and hazard information. 


The Town of Oak Island provides frequent and comprehensive updates when severe weather approaches our coastline. It is important that our visiting guests and home owners stay up to date on things like bridge closures, voluntary evacuations, and declarations.

Please visit the Town of Oak Island's dedicated page to Hurricane & Severe Weather Information and be sure to REFRESH their page if visited within the past 6 hours. 

As always, the Coastal Vacation Resorts team is availabe to assist you with any questions regarding an upcoming stay and severe weather threats. The addition of Travel Insurance to your planned vacation is also a great added level of protection for your financial investment. 

Please remember as you view the video below, Oak Island NC does not have active on duty lifeguards. 

Video About Rip Currents from NOAA