Reservation Cancellations

Reservation Cancellations by Coastal Vacation Resorts or the owner…

Oak Island Tree

We will make every effort to ensure that your reservation is undisturbed. However, occasionally a home will become unavailable after a reservation has been confirmed. The sale of a home, the full time occupancy by the owners, or a change in the owner’s schedule may result in a change in the home’s availability.

If we are unable to provide the home originally reserved, we will contact you as soon as possible and help you find an alternative home. If you do not find any of the alternatives acceptable to you, we will refund 100% of your rental deposit.

Reservation Cancellations by the guest…

We are sorry, but monies will not be refunded unless, and until, the home has re-rented for the same period, and the new pre-payment has been received. If you qualify for a refund, it will be sent to you less the $75 cancellation fee plus tax.