Your Safe Stay Guide

Welcome to Oak Island, NC!

Like many of you, the Coastal Vacation Resorts team has jumped into action to adjust to the new way of life, business, and recreation. We’ve implemented extensive processes that are critical to creating one-of-a-kind, fun, safe and memorable vacations for our guests.

While we all know and appreciate there are no absolutes in the new normal, we assure you that we are doing all we possibly can to offer private retreats for families that are safe, clean, and spacious. Our practices have changed and we hope these frequently asked questions along with their answers will guide you through an upcoming peaceful stay with us at Coastal Vacation Resorts:

What will the new check-in process be like?

Our front desk inside our main office building is currently open to Coastal Vacation Resorts guest services team members only and closed to the public. As such, please make arrangements for restroom usage before your arrival. All vacationing guests are encouraged to call (910) 278-5405 or email [email protected] ahead of their scheduled check-in with any concerns or questions. Our team is ready to support and serve our guests MONDAY – SATURDAY from 9 am – 5 pm.

When you arrive on the island and approach our offices located at 8118 E. Oak Island Drive, please follow these new guidelines for guest check-in:

  1. A table and tent will be set up in the Coastal Vacation Resorts parking lot for contactless welcome packet distribution to guests.
  2. When arriving from either direction of E. Oak Island Drive, please enter our parking lot following the Drive-Thru directional arrow signs. If there is a line of vehicles already in our parking lot, then please pull onto Barbee Blvd. Temporary parking may also be available at the Barbee Library across the street.
  3. Pull forward to the table and tent and a Coastal Vacation Resorts Guest Services representative will greet you with your welcome packet and keys and provide any additional instructions as necessary.
  4. Please expect a check-in time of 3:00 pm or later due to the additional requirements to clean homes properly before your arrival. We appreciate your understanding in this regard.
  5. Coastal Vacation Resorts will phone you if your home is ready before 3 pm.

All welcome packages are prepared with great care by cleaning your keys, the desktops, and our after-hours check inbox ahead of time.

How have you enhanced your cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting practices?

Absolutely! Coastal Vacation Resorts is committed to providing a clean, comfortable, and safe vacation home to our valued guests using hospital-grade sanitizers provided by our commercial cleaning product supplier. First, we have removed all bed coverings because it is impossible to launder them all between guest reservations. We suggest that you bring your blanket or comforter and wash and dry any extra blankets that might be found in rental home closets to be safe. Before check-in, all rental accommodations are thoroughly and professionally cleaned followed by an in-depth inspection. We are paying special attention and improving our techniques for cleaning and disinfecting commonly used surfaces like doorknobs, locks, light switches, television remotes, handles, and other high touch areas. Additionally, we are investing in new disinfecting technologies to be used for sanitizing bedding, chairs, couches, and other fabric surfaces throughout the home.

To give our guests peace of mind during their stay we encourage them to take even greater measures if they wish, by adding the following suggested items to their packing list:

  • Blankets, comforters, and pillows.
  • Toilet tissue, paper towels, hand soaps, and disinfectant cleaners.
  • Food and Beverages.

Are local stores and restaurants open?

Yes, NC restaurants are open to dine-in customers at 50% capacity, with distancing and cleaning requirements. Also, all of the wonderful restaurants in the Oak Island / Southport area are continuing to serve delicious take-out meals for the entire family, with some offering nightly specials and home delivery options. Support our local businesses by ordering take-out during your stay!

Our island is very limited in grocery store options and we encourage our guests to add all necessary food items to their packing list. We want you to be comfortable during your stay and in today’s “new normal” we realize food items may be limited, so when you are trip planning think of meals for the entire family and prepare to bring some ingredients with you.

It is our pleasure to welcome you back to Oak Island and may your family be blessed with a comfortable, relaxing vacation.


According to the guidelines set by North Carolina’s Governor, the Town of Oak Island is requiring face coverings when in public places, indoors or outdoors, where physical distancing of 6 feet from other people who aren’t in the same household or residence isn’t possible.

Best regards, The Coastal Vacation Resorts Team