Before Making Your Reservation

Oak Island Information & Policies

Each home that we rent in Oak Island is decorated and furnished according to the taste of the owners. Because homes are different inside and out, if you have any specific needs, please bring this to our attention while making the reservation and we will try to accommodate your requirements. Please inform the staff if there are any people in your party with a disability or medical condition that requires special attention or consideration.

Please see each home description for greater detail on specific accommodations.

Observe the Occupancy Limits

We reserve the right to refuse occupancy if, in the agents opinion, occupancy is detrimental to the property. We do not rent to groups, house parties, etc., only families, couples and responsible adults 24 years and older. The occupancy limits in each home description are firm and are closely monitored. Occupancy Limits are mandated by City Ordinance and are based on the size of the homes. While all beds are listed to allow flexibility in sleeping arrangements, no overcrowding is allowed. No campers, tents, or motor homes may be parked with a rental unit to increase capacity. Guests who exceed the occupancy limits will face immediate termination of the rental, with no refund of rental monies paid. Please include all members of your family in your planning and rent a home of sufficient size.

Pet Friendly / Dogs Only

A small to medium sized dog is allowed only at designated properties shown by a symbol of a dog. Only one dog (under 60 lbs) per household additional dog allowed only with prior approval by homeowner. Typically, a non-refundable pet fee of $150.00 to $200.00 ($50 for each additional dog) plus tax will be required before check in but can vary according to home. This pet fee is for a flea treatment and/or extra housekeeping attention. Some Pet Friendly homes require a damage deposit of $250 up to $500. This deposit is refunded usually within 30 - 45 days, if there is no damage caused by the pet to the home. If a pet is found on the premises that does not allow pets, your rental right will be terminated immediately with no refund of rental monies. You will also be required to pay for a flea treatment. This policy is strictly enforced. We ask that you consider the health of others.

Events, Weddings, and Reunions

If a home is used for any "event" where a reception or a gathering exceeds the occupancy limits, a reception fee to be determined by property owner, plus tax will be added to the normal rental rate. In addition a damage deposit is required and will be refunded within 45 days after departure if there has been no damage to the home. Our staff will be able to assist you in these fees and deposits as each home may have a different deposit amount. Overnight occupancy may not exceed the homes limits and violation of this policy may result in immediate termination of the rental and expulsion from the property. Events are to be held outside the home.

Things Beyond Our Control

Our staff works very hard to make sure your stay is happy and comfortable. However, there are a few things that are simply out of our control (this is what they call a disclaimer). Examples of these types of "nuisances," which DO NOT warrant any refund of rental monies include: breakdown of air conditioners , TVs, VCRs, electronics or appliances, a home not decorated/accommodated to your tastes, bad weather or noisy neighbors. Please allow 24 hours for the cooling of refrigerators and air conditioners. During hot summer weeks, primarily on "Check-in" days, power surges on the island can cause a "brown out" and this will affect the time required for these appliances to properly function. We do not order appliance repair calls within 24 hours of arrival, as most concerns are temporary. Coastal Vacation Resorts is not responsible for errors within the website, printed brochure or those conveyed by any employee, including but not limited to, property descriptions and rental rates. Every effort is made to accurately communicate.